About Upfront

Upfront Chromatography A/S is a Danish company founded in 1992 with world class expertise in the development of customized protein separation processes.

Upfront has mastered production of the purpose-designed adsorbent media utilized by customers for cost-effective production of valuable protein products. The adsorbent production takes place in Upfront’s clean room facilities in Denmark.


Proven Technology

Rhobust®, Upfront’s core protein purification technology is applicable to a wide range of industrial feedstocks. Processes based on the Rhobust® technology are now being used for the commercial production of food enzymes, protein ingredients, and bioactive components.

Upfront’s manufacturing and R & D is following the requirements to DS/EN ISO 9001:2015. 





Upfront Chromatography A/S - Oliefabriksvej 51 B, 2770 Kastrup, Copenhagen, DENMARK- Email: sales@upfront-dk.com

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