Leveraging Upfront's Partners  

  • The Upfront EBA technology is used in various customer designed solutions arround the World.
  • The Upfront Adsorbent technology is likewise used in various customer designed solutions arround the World.
  • Dairy installations are implemented in Australia on a large industrial scale with process streams of 30,000 kg raw milk per hour.
  • Dairy pilot installation is under construction in Sweden at SkåneMejerierne (Lactalis) with new state of the art technoligies.
  • Upfront has partnered up with Scanpro, Intertek and O.P.Steel as OEM providers for best-in-class dairy turn-key solutions.
  • Upfront offers turn-key solutions to the dairies in Europe, the Americas and Asia with limited shared risks and opportunities. We develop a detailed business case in co-operation with the individual dairy.


   Upfront N8R0895 300

Upfront Chromatography A/S - Oliefabriksvej 51 B, 2770 Kastrup, Copenhagen, DENMARK- Email: Contact@upfront-dk.com

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