Pilot study brings your project forward

After assessing the feasibility of your project you have the option to have larger quantities of your product produced at pilot scale.

Processes developed with the Rhobust® technology platform are, to a large degree, scalable. This means that scaling up a process from a feasibility study is straight forward. Often a pilot phase can be utilized to carry out further process optimization. This can include further refinement of process streams, flow rates, or chemical usage.


Ready-to-use solutions

Upfront offers a defined range of pilot units in the Rhobust® Flex product portfolio. The size ranges from 10 cm to 60 cm diameter columns, encompassing ready-to-use solutions for any type of pilot project.



The Rhobust® Flex pilot units are designed for easy transportation. Hence, pilot operations can easily be organized in your facilities close to the raw material and with your staff present. Upfront ‘s experts are on site during installation and we ensure your staff is comfortable with the process operations.

Should you wish instead to take advantage of Upfront’s pilot hall facility for your pilot study we offer services using the whole Rhobust® Flex product portfolio. In other words, whatever is most convenient we can do. This flexibility supports optimal project and business planning by the customer.

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