The Rhobust® EBA system is uniquely scalable, from laboratory-based 1cm diameter columns to large production columns up to 2 meter in diameter. Processing times, flow rates, water and chemical usage are all scalable, whether operating in a laboratory or in an industrial plant.

Due to the high flow rates possible with Rhobust® adsorbents a large scale column (diameter > 1.5 meter) can typically handle feed stock throughput of more than 1,000,000 liter per day. Therefore, in reality, no industrial application is too large for Rhobust® EBA processing; indeed the largest Rhobust® industrial installation currently in operation has a production capacity of 1000 MT protein per year.

The Rhobust® adsorbent is designed to maximise the surface area of the beads and ensures high flow rates, which contribute to the improved productivity. The high density of the beads ensures a very high flow rate, enabling processes at the large industrial scale.


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