Are you looking for business growth?

BioMining by Upfront enables you to pursue new business opportunities by capturing additional high quality protein value from raw material processing.

Whether you are looking for a method to produce a protein ingredient more efficiently, or looking for a method to capture a new valuable component from a process stream, our technology provides you with a unique opportunity to grow your bottom line.

Are you looking for a scaleable adsorption separation technology?
Our Rhobust® technology can be scaled to support your business with large volume separation of proteins. From dedicated process conditions your protein is manufactured with the desired quality and functionality.

Are you looking for a strong partner?
Upfront has a vast experience in setting up large scale installations for high quality protein production – we work with a number of world leading raw material processors and protein formulators.

Our experienced staff understand the international challenges and regulatory aspects of food ingredient production. Hence, we are a strong partner if you are working as a raw material processor, a formulator or a B-to-C company in the food protein business.

Upfront’s technology and separation methods are supported by a strong patent portfolio. We prefer to enter into combined license and supply agreements with our partners.

Yes to the above? – Contact us to explore how your business can benefit from a partnership with Upfront.

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Raw material processors and Upfront

Raw material processors such as dairies or plant protein producers are offered a robust, scalable and cost effective method to bring valuable new ingredients to the marketplace.

Our gentle separation technology maintain technical and biological protein functionalities throughout processing meaning that optimal value can be obtained from the raw material.

As examples we have helped our customers develop:

  • emulsifying properties from isolated potato protein
  • immuno-enhancing benefits from milk and egg yolk immunoglobulins

If you are processing large volumes of raw material, contact Upfront to learn more about your opportunitie.

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Formulators and Upfront

Formulators have a unique opportunity to grow business: A partnership with Upfront can enable the use of ingredients in the formula through a cost reduction. Hence, the ingredients can be contract produced by the raw material processor at win-win-win conditions.

Upfront has helped food and feed formulating companies to enable the use of valuable ingredients. If you know the right formula but require a different cost-structure to make it fly, contact Upfront to hear more about your opportunities.
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