Feasibility study makes decisions easier

You are never forced to choose a standard product. With our feasibility study service you have the opportunity to see how efficient the Rhobust® separation technology works when customized to fit the nature of your raw material.

The feasibility studies include a comprehensive screening of our in-house adsorbent library. Typically, within eight to twelve weeks you will receive a complete written report describing the performance of one or more of the adsorbents in relation to your process specifications.

The results obtained at laboratory scale enable us to estimate industrial production costs accurately, even at an early phase of the project. The final feasibility report contains capital investment estimates and operating costs projections that facilitate the decision making process.


Everything is feasible

“Everything is feasible” is our approach to process development. If you are interested to see how well we can produce your product then challenge our applications laboratory with your raw material and your specific process requirements. We take great pride in providing you and your company with direct and personal service, plus timely and well-informed advice. And we help you achieve higher product specifications because you are never forced to choose a standard chromatography product. Why not give us a call?



Upfront Chromatography A/S - Oliefabriksvej 51 B, 2770 Kastrup, Copenhagen, DENMARK- Email: Contact@upfront-dk.com

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