Rhobust® EBA Columns

Rhobust® EBA columns are designed to be free-flowing and are not affected by particulate material in the feed stream. The column inlet and outlet both feature unique flow path designs that are prerequisites for running a successful EBA process.


Blockage is impossible

Large inlet openings mean that column blockage (or clogging) in Rhobust® EBA processes is non existent. The incoming feed stream is distributed in the base of the column via a rotating device that ensures equal distribution of the incoming liquid throughout the lower section of the expanded bed.

The rotating device features a number of holes through which the feed stream flows initially, these allow unimpeded passage of particulate material as well as air bubbles. When the protein adsorption process is underway the inlet device gently rotates at 5 to 50 rpm, acting as a fluid distributor and creating a sweeping motion across the entire lower cross-section of the column. Due to the gentle stirring action of the distributor non-turbulent fluid flow conditions are established throughout the majority of the expanded bed, except for the very restricted mixing zone at the base of the column. The high density of the adsorbent beads contributes to the formation of a stable adsorbent bed immediately above the mixing zone.


Full Process Control

Pilot and industrial scale Rhobust® EBA columns utilize a dual pump system in order to provide full control over the fluidics. The inlet pump at the base of the column determines the raw material flow rate and consequently the degree of bed expansion in the column. The outlet pump draws fluid from the top of the column and controls the height of the liquid above the top surface of the expanded bed, thus optimising recovery of proteins in the elution stage.



Rotating Fluid Distribution system ensures fluid distribution without any risk of clogging. The raw material enters the column through large diameter holes; the sprinkler performs a gentle rotation creating a sweeping motion along the entire cross- section of the column.











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