The Rhobust® EBA Process

In a Rhobust® EBA process very high density chromatography adsorbent beads are fluidised in the crude feed stream pumped into the column from a distributor device at the column base. Particulate impurities in the feed stream pass freely through the expanded adsorbent bed without causing any flow restriction or increase in backpressure. The Rhobust® fluidised bed is not disrupted by air bubbles passing through the column and does not suffer in-bed channel formation, even at very high flow rates.

The Rhobust® EBA technology combines the separation efficiency of packed bed adsorption whilst eliminating the time consuming pre-filtration steps. Rhobust® EBA processes are ‘one step’ and offer significant cost reductions in the production of biomolecules when compared to alternative methods.

EBA principle

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