Food Ingredients

Many food processing side streams contain large amounts of valuable proteins, suitable for use in high-value applications within the food, nutritional, and healthcare industries. The functional properties of the protein product ultimately determine its financial value. These include emulsifying properties, nutritional value and bio-functionality, all of which can be delivered by proteins produced by Upfront’s Rhobust® technology.

Proteins suitable for food applications can be of animal, plant or microbial origin.

The food industry produces large volumes of protein-rich side streams which are ideally suited to rapid processing by Rhobust® EBA. Technology. The proteins recovered from such side streams can have purity exceeding 95%, high solubility and possess high-value functionalities. Un-clarified crude feedstock can be loaded directly onto Rhobust® EBA columns for protein recovery. The technology platform has no scale-up limitations and is thereby ideal for industrial scale implementation.

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  “This installation is a huge success, allowing us to extract previously inaccessible proteins from our waste stream, thereby opening up a previously untrapped source of revenue and enabling us to make major energy savings”.

- Frank Groovaerts, Director of Commerce at Solanic (AVEBE Group)






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