Animal derived

Side streams from animal processing industries often contain large amount of proteins. With Upfront’s Rhobust® EBA technology the side stream proteins can be turned into valuable food- or feed grade proteins whilst at the same time minimising the environmental impact of high protein content waste water.

Over the past 10 years Upfront has worked with a range of industrial partners to isolate valuable protein fractions. Examples include:

  • IgY isolation from hen egg yolk
  • Lysozyme isolation from hen egg white
  • Alkaline phosphatase capture from calf intestine
  • Recovery of protein from abbatoir waste streams
  • Bovine blood fractionation
  • Fish protein isolate production from fish meal production side streams
  • Trypsin and chymotrypsin isolation from pancreatic tissue
  • Chymosin isolation from both animal and microbial raw materials
  • Milk and whey protein isolation and fractionation
  • and many more…

Contact us to discuss how valuable protein components can be recovered from your process streams.


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